Sixth Form - Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you need for advanced work?
Aim to do as well as possible in your GCSE courses. You will need:

  •         -A minimum of 6 GCSE passes A* - C
  •         -At least a B grade at GCSE in Maths or Science and English

If you want to continue any of your GCSE subjects at AS/A2 level, then grades A* - B are necessary to be accepted on the course. It is possible to take up a subject you have not studied before.

Does it matter what subject combination I take?
Yes - for some careers such as Medicine a particular group of subjects will be essential, or at least desirable. Otherwise no - a useful qualification can be achieved from a wide variety of combinations. For example an essay subject will give skills which would be complemented by a practical subject or a mathematical subject. Take expert advice.

Should I take the subjects I like best?
You will usually work much more enthusiastically in a subject you enjoy. Find out where these subjects could lead you.

Besides subject matter, what else should I think about?
Think about a subject's style of learning, e.g. whether coursework is involved, how many examinations will there be? Will part of the course involve presentations, trips, visits - will there be a lot of practical work or theory? Ask the subject staff at the Open Evening.

Is it worth beginning a new subject at AS and A Level?
Yes - this is an excellent opportunity to try something new. Several A Level subjects do not require you to have studied them at GCSE. Ask the subject staff at the Open Evening.

Can I change my course once I have started in the Sixth Form?
Yes - after an initial period of 1 week, if you realise that you wish to change. Course changes can be made in the first 4 weeks of the Autumn Term. Take advice from your Tutor, teachers, careers advisor and Sixth Form staff.

How do I apply?
If you have the ability and interest to cope with advanced courses, as well as a willingness to contribute to the life of the school, then we shall be glad to welcome you as a Sixth Former in September. Fill in the Application Form and return it to us by Monday 1st February 2016. We shall then invite you to come for a guidance meeting in March, followed by two Induction Days here at South Wilts in June: a lunch and afternoon of induction activities on Wednesday 1st July followed by a taster day on Thursday 2nd July.

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