Physical Education

What does the course involve?
Physical Education is an Academic Subject at A level. The syllabus takes a multi-discipline approach, encouraging the development of different methods of acquiring, developing and evaluating practical skills drawn from a wide range of disciplines, with the focal point being the performer, and the improvement of effective performance. Topics include applied anatomy and physiology, biomechanical movement, skill acquisition, sport psychology, sport and society, and the role of technology in physical activity and sport. Interaction between the theory and practice of Physical Education is a key factor throughout. The course has been developed to benefit both students who have no expectations of continuing with PE after A levels, as well as those for whom PE will form a major part of their higher education.

How will you learn?
The syllabus is organised into a series of modules, each of which focuses on an aspect of PE. Some work will be practical, the majority is theory with opportunities for discussion, written and observational analysis and correction, problem solving and planning. Practical performance and video will provide opportunities to gain understanding of the conceptual basis, structure and function of a selection of PE activities. As a preparation for Higher Education students will be expected to be more responsible for their own learning, developing their own personalised learning styles and preferences.

What exams and coursework are involved?
The course is split 70:30 between theory and practical. There will be one 2-hour exam and two 1 hour exams, all with synoptic elements. There is also a non-exam assessment carried out on one practical activity and an oral response involving evaluation and analysis of performance.

What are the entry requirements?
Grade 6 in PE. Grade 66 in Science is also required. A keen interest and willingness to work in depth in all areas of the subject, both written and practical are required. Students will be expected to have expertise in at least one sport and be prepared to extend their knowledge by coaching or playing at club level and beyond.

What could you do after completing the course?
PE, along with the other sciences, has become a much needed qualification for those wishing to pursue a career in teaching, coaching, the leisure industry, recreation management, the health and fitness industry, sports medicine, and physiotherapy.

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