English Language

What does the course involve?
English Language will give you the opportunity to develop your interest and enjoyment of English, through learning about its structures and functions, development and variation. It will develop your ability to express yourself in both speech and writing, read a wide variety of texts, and develop your skills of critical thinking and attentive listening.

How will you learn?
The course will make use of a wide variety of teaching and learning styles with particular emphasis on individual research, guided reading, group discussion and presentations. Close analysis of written texts and speech transcripts will form a major part of most lessons.

What exams and coursework are involved?

Components Details Content
Paper 1 Language, The individual and Society
2 hours 30 mins
100 marks

Section A: Analytical essay
25/25/20 marks
3Q, 30/30/20 mins + 30 mins reading (110 mins)

Section B: Child Language Development
30 marks;1Q, (40 mins)

You will study a range of texts of different genres, about different subjects, for various audiences and purposes, from different times and places, and how language has changed over time
You will be considering how language is shaped by a range of different factors using linguistic analysis.
You will study how children learn to speak, read and write and will write discursively on children’s language development, with a choice of two questions where the data provided will focus on spoken, written or multimodal language

Paper 2 Language Diversity and Change
2 hour 30 mins
100 marks

Section A: Evaluative essay
30 marks
1Q, (45 mins)

Section B: Analytical and Opinion
40/30 marks
2Qs, 45/45 min + 15 min prep
(105 mins)

You will study how language varies because of personal, social and geographical contexts.
You will be considering why language varies and you will explore attitudes to language diversity
You will write discursively and evaluatively about language issues in academic essays
You will also write about language issues in a variety of forms, communicating ideas to a non-specialist audience.

Non- examination assessment
Language in Action
Language investigation 2000 words
Original writing and commentary 1500 words – to persuade/entertain/inform
100 marks
3500 words
You will undertake an individual investigation on a linguistic area of your choice and a piece of original writing with a commentary.


What are the entry requirements?
Grade 6 in English Language.

What could you do after completing the course?
The knowledge, skills and understanding acquired in this course will stand you in good stead for a very wide variety of careers and Higher Education courses including English Language, Linguistics, Media, Journalism, Teaching and Management.


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