Mathematics - Level 3 Mathematics

What does the course involve?
This is a new qualification, equivalent to an AS. It will be taught over two years, with one lesson (double period) a week.

How will you learn?

  • Build on your knowledge of Mathematics from GCSE
  • Extend your previous experience to practical and relevant scenarios: for example we will study the mathematics of personal finances (budgeting, taxation, investments and loans)
  • New statistical techniques relevant to the management of Big Data, and modelling based on large data sets.

The course will use IT equipment, making extensive use of Spreadsheets and Graphical Calculators.

  • The course is designed to help you develop your mathematical thinking beyond GCSE Mathematics. It will provide useful mathematical skills for other A-level courses such as A-level Psychology, Sciences and Geography; as well as technical and vocational qualifications.

What exams and coursework are involved?
Two 90 minute papers, each worth 60 marks, Graphical or Scientific calculators allowed for both

What are the entry requirements?
All students coming into Year 12 will be given the opportunity to complete either an EPQ, Further Maths or Level 3 Mathematics as part of their enrichment programme.

What could you do after completing the course?
The course content includes Analysis of data, Maths for personal finance, Estimation, Critical analysis of given data and models, including spreadsheets and tabular data as well as Further statistical techniques. The course will familiarise you with the use of Spreadsheets and sophisticated statistical techniques to analyse big data sets: these skills are relevant to a wide number of academic courses, as well as to any employer.


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