New Learning Resource Centre Building Update

January 2009

Building work started on 26th January and so did the bad weather! Progress on the foundations has therefore been slow with snow, rain and mud making it very sticky going. We have been further hampered by a large number of water pipes, gas pipes and sewers crossing the site.


February 2009

Problems are being overcome and work is progressing well with walls starting to take shape.

March 2009

Building work is catching up in the sunshine after all the bad weather.  The building is quickly taking shape with the walls almost up to window level.

April 2009

What a difference a two week holiday makes! We returned to school on 20th April to see a huge difference, with some of the roof trusses already in place. We are on course to finish on time.


May 4th 2009

Building work is coming along well and the roof is now being constructed.


May 15th 2009

The Learning Resource Centre is taking shape quickly now with roofing tiles beginning to be fixed. Work continues to be on schedule.


June 11th 2009

The Learning Resource Centre continues to be on schedule with the outside almost finished. Colours for walls, carpets and chairs are being chosen, with input from students.


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