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KS4 Sciences Years 9, 10 and 11


At the start of Year 9 students begin the GCSE courses in the Sciences.  All students study the course leading to triple award Science GCSE, a separate GCSE in each of the three Sciences. The students are taught in mixed ability groups by specialist teachers for each scientific discipline.  The specification followed is the OCR Gateway GCSE.  

Practical Work at GCSE

Science lessons will regularly incorporate experimental tasks to develop students’ investigative and practical skills.  The exam board has identified eight practical assessment groups which cover the skills they are expected to acquire over the GCSE course.  Students will work in small groups or pairs on tasks in class to achieve this and their understanding of practical skills will be assessed in the examination questions.

Year 9 Topics


Biology Chemistry Phyiscs

B1: Cell Level Systems

B2: Scaling Up

 C1: Particles

C2: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
P1: Matter

P2: Forces 

Year 10 Topics


Biology Chemistry Phyiscs

B3: Organism Level Systems

B4: Community Level Systems

C5: Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions

C6: Global Challenges

P6: Radioactivity

P7: Energy

P8: Global Challenges


Year 11 Topics


Biology Chemistry Phyiscs

B5: Genes, Inheritance and Selection

B6: Global Challengess

C3: Chemical Reaction

C4: Predicting and identifying reactions and products

P3: Electricity

P4: Magnetism and Magnetic Fields

P5: Waves in Matter




There are two examinations in each Science.  These will be taken in the summer of Year 11.

Assessment Biology  Chemistry  Physics Proportion of marks

 Exam 1

(1 hour 45 minutes)

Assesses content from B1-B3 

Assesses content from C1-C3

Assesses content from P1-P4. 


Exam 2

(1 hour 45 minutes)

Assesses content from B4-B6, with assumed knowledge of B1-B3   Assesses content from C4-C6, with assumed knowledge of C1-C3 Assesses content from P5-P8, with assumed knowledge of P1-P4.   50% 



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