Friends of SWGS

As a parent or carer you are automatically a member of the Friends of SWGS, otherwise known as the PTA.  We are a registered charity (No 1004467) with the aim of providing a community that supports SWGS in its aims and ideals. 

Our organising committee meets several times a year and anyone is welcome to attend as and when you can.  We are always looking for help to support school events such as concerts or parents’ evenings and if you would like to get further involved in helping to run our various events and fundraising activities we would be delighted to accept your support.

Our fundraising activity is becoming increasingly important as school budgets come under ever increasing pressure.  All the money raised goes back to the school to pay for items not otherwise affordable.  From helping to fund the new food tech rooms to providing team sports kit, every penny helps.

1000 Club

The 1000 Club is an ongoing fund raising activity which raises money for our daughters’ enrichment at school.. The monthly first prize is £100, second prize will give you £50 and third prize is £25.
Each number costs £12 for entry into twelve consecutive monthly lottery draws and the more numbers you buy the greater your chance of a great cash prize! If every family was a member of the 1000 Club, we would raise over £800 for the school every month!!

To join: Simply click on the link to FoSWGS 1000 Club membership form HERE and return to school or via email:

Fund Matching Scheme


Does the company you work for have a Charity Fund Matching Scheme? If you work for an employer who operates a matched giving scheme, you may be able to help us almost double the amount of money that the Friends of South Wilts raises for the school.

Matched giving is an arrangement between a company and its employee where the company will pledge a sum of money relating to the amount their employee has raised for the charity of their choice. Some organisations match £ for £, others have an upper limit of, for example, £1000.

Most employers will expect their employee to approach them in the first instance, to outline the event and the charity they wish to support. We at FOSWGS have experience of the small amount of paperwork involved and will be delighted to liaise with your employer should you wish to get involved. 

We have around 8 events every year which raise over £1000 and the involvement of just 8 parents with each of these would add another £8000 to the funds we can provide to the school, without demanding very much of your time.


Contact Details


We would be delighted to hear from you so do get in touch or come say hello! We have many events in order to raise money for the school. We are always looking for volunteers and support, so if you could help in any way at all, then please contact us!


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