Extended Project Qualification

What does the course involve?
The EPQ provides students with the opportunity to study a topic/subject area in depth that they are a) passionate about or b) thinking about studying at university/linked to chosen career path. Completion of the EPQ will be academically useful to students in their studies, especially if they choose to go on to higher education. The aim of this qualification is to enable students to:
• Broaden skills base
• Widen their perspectives
• Deepen their understanding (Edexcel, 2008)
According to the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency, an extended project is "a single piece of work requiring a high degree of planning, preparation, research and autonomous working”. The EPQ allows students to take ownership for their work/learning and develop into confident time managers and independent enquirers.

How will you learn?
Students will be asked to choose the type of project that they would like to complete, we currently offer four types of project:
• Dissertation
• Investigation
• Artefact
• Performance
Each student will be assigned to a supervisor who will support them for the duration of the process their EPQ. The EPQ is to be completed in addition to their current A Level studies and as a result it will be completed outside of their timetabled lessons. Students will participate in discussions and skills workshops, visits from outside speakers, get access to resources at Southampton University Library and participate in an online research project management course to help support them throughout the year.                                            

What exams and coursework are involved?
There are no exams. Each student will have to produce a final outcome (dissertation, investigation or artefact). Each student will also have to show evidence of their progress whilst completing the project, by completing forms which show the progression of the project from the moment they formulated their initial idea to completing their final presentation. At the end of the Extended Project cycle all students will be required to deliver a ten minute presentation of their project to the Extended Project Team, this also counts towards their overall mark.

What are the entry requirements?
All students coming into Year 12 will be given the opportunity to complete either an EPQ, Further Maths or Level 3 Mathematics as part of their enrichment programme.

What could you do after completing the course?
Students will be equipped with a great number of transferable skills from good time management and problem solving to the ability to develop coherent, logical and balanced arguments and presentation skills. The completion of this project bridges the gap between the A-Level student and University student.
Some Universities are offering lower entry grades to students completing an EPQ, as they recognise that the qualification is academically rigorous and requires students to develop a number of key skills needed at undergraduate level.

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