What does the course involve?
This A Level course allows an integrated and interactive approach to Business at Post 16. The course will::

Students cover 10 topics over the two year course. The specification introduces candidates to the challenges and issues of starting a business, including financial planning. It then explores the key internal functions of business and how the management of these functions can assist in improving the effectiveness and performance of a business, strategies for larger businesses and how these strategies may change according to circumstances. Finally, it considers the effects that external factors can have on businesses and how a business can plan for and manage change, including leadership style and change in business culture..

How will you learn?
Students will be required to investigate, analyse and evaluate business behaviour and activity. They will consider the influence of economic factors on business making. A lot of learning is carried out through structured case studies. A variety of techniques is used such as supported self-study, analysing Case Studies, reading and critically appraising business articles, entering competitions and developing an understanding of Enterprise and entrepreneurial skills.

What exams and coursework are involved?
Unit 1: Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Essay questions - Exam 2 hours 
Unit 2: Data Response questions - Exam 2 hours
Unit 3: A Case Study followed by 6 questions - Exam 2 hours

What are the entry requirements?
You do not need to have studies Business Studies at GCSE. 6 is preferred in GCSE Maths and English. If you have studied Business Studies at GCSE, you need at least a grade 5.

What could you do after completing the course?
There is a wealth of degree courses in Business related studies at Universities and Colleges and Business combines well with other subjects. It provides an introduction to the professions or can take you directly into employment. Any career you decide to finally move into will involve you working in an environment which makes use of skills acquired through this course.


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