Rewards And Sanctions

Acknowledging and rewarding students for positive behaviours, achievements, contributions and progress is central to daily life at South Wilts. It is important that the students know we value all the positive things they do. All staff can award merits when they feel it is appropriate, for a range of reasons, not just the high achievement. Merits are recorded in the student's homework diary.

Key Stage 3:

Certificates are awarded when different numbers of merits have been collected starting with a Green form tutor certificate from the form tutor for 15 merits, rising to a Palladium certificate from Mrs Chilcott and the Governors for 300 merits. In addition, in Year 9, termly prizes are awarded for tutor groups who have collected the most merits.

Key Stage 4:

Merits and stickers are collected for confectionary rewards and WH Smith vouchers

We believe that it is crucial to provide a consistent framework of support to help the development of individual responsibility and so there sanctions are in place if a student breaches the school policies regarding their behaviour. Sanctions include detentions for any repeated behaviours or for some more serious behaviours. Students can also be put on report to monitor progress in lessons and/or lunchtime if they accrue sufficient behaviour points.

Communication with parents is crucial and so they are invited in to discuss problems such as poor behaviour patterns or truancy. Bullying will not be tolerated and will be punished at the appropriate level. All sanctions should be appropriate to the problem and administered with discretion. Individual cases will be considered and appropriate action taken.

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