Rewards And Sanctions

All staff can award merits when they feel it is appropriate. These should be awarded for academic achievement, individual attainment or improvement or for service to the community. All students can and should be awarded merits not just the high achievers. Merits are recorded in the student's homework diary. When a girl has obtained 15 merits she should see her form tutor for a commendation certificate. This is then taken to the Head of Year and the Headteacher for signing. Commendation certificates are kept in pupil's personal and social development file at school. The pupils with the highest number of commendations at the end of the year may be awarded year prizes at Speech Day.

We believe that sanctions provide a consistent framework of support to help the development of individual responsibility. Lunchtime detentions are set and administered by departments for late or missed work or lateness to a lesson. Students can be put on report to monitor progress in lessons and/or lunchtime. After-school detentions (parents informed) are given for two homeworks not handed in, in a two-week period, three late arrivals to school, rudeness, smoking, unruly behaviour and repeated offences. Parents are invited in to discuss problems such as poor behaviour patterns or truancy. Bullying will be punished at the appropriate level. All sanctions should be appropriate to the problem and administered with discretion. Individual cases will be considered and appropriate action taken.

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