School Policies

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Policy Document
Alcohol And Drugs Policy PDF Alcohol And Drugs Policy - Spring 2019
Admissions Policy PDF Admissions Policy 2020
Appropriate Teaching Material Policy PDF Appropriate Teaching Material Policy - Spring 2019
Assessment and Reporting Policy PDF Assessment and Reporting Policy - Autumn 2019
Arts Policy PDF Arts Policy - Spring 2018
Anti-Bribery Policy PDF Anti-Bribery Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy PDF Anti-Bullying Policy - Spring 2018
Anti-Fraud Policy PDF Anti-Fraud Policy - Summer 2018
Attendance Policy PDF Attendance Policy - Spring 2019
Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy PDF Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy - Spring 2019
Charging and Remissions Policy PDF Charging and Remissions Policy - Summer 2018
Citizenship Policy PDF Citizenship - Summer 2017
Collective Worship Policy PDF Collective Worship - Autumn 2017
Complaints Procedure Policy PDF Complaints Procedure Policy - Spring 2019
Curriculum Policy PDF Curriculum Policy - Spring 2019
Data Protection Policies       Data Protection policies and Privacy notices
Disability Equality Scheme Policy and Accessibility Plan PDF Disability Equality Scheme Policy - Summer 2019
Equal Opportunities Policy PDF Equal Opportunities - Summer 2014
E-Safety Policy PDF E-Safety Policy - Autumn 2019
Feedback Policy PDF Feedback Policy - Autumn 2019
Fire Safety Policy PDF Fire Safety Policy - Summer 2017
Freedom of Information Scheme Policy PDF Freedom of Information Scheme
Gifted, Talented and Exceptionally Able Students Policy PDF Gifted and Talented Policy - Summer 2014
Health & Safety Policy PDF Health & Safety - Spring 2017
Home School Agreement Policy PDF Home School Agreement - Spring 2015
Homework Policy PDF Homework Policy - Autumn 2018
Lettings Policy PDF Lettings Policy - Spring 2017
Medical Needs Policy PDF Medical Needs Policy - Summer 2017
Provider Access Policy PDF Provider Access Policy - Spring 2019
Public Exams Policy PDF Public Exams Policy - Spring 2018
Racial Equality Policy PDF Racial Equality
Safeguarding and Child Protection PDF Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy - Autumn 2019
School Food Policy PDF School Food Policy - Autumn 2017
Sex Education Policy PDF Sex Education
Special Education Needs Policy PDF Special Education Needs Policy - Spring 2019
Student Behaviour and Sanctions Policy Student Behaviour and Sanctions Policy - Autumn 2017
Uniform Policy  Uniform Policy - Autumn 2017
Work Experience Policy PDF Work Experience - Spring 2019
Work Related Learning Policy PDF Work Related Learning - Autumn 2019


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