Medical Information

Salisbury Health Authority require parents of girls who have not previously attended Wiltshire County Council schools to complete a medical form, ME2, which will be supplied with a 'School Health' leaflet.

Students with ongoing medical conditions potentially requiring management during school hours may require a care plan to document the agreed management. This will be completed with the parents and school nurse.

The Medical Room is for emergency use only and not to look after sick children. Pupils may only remain in the Medical Room for half an hour, after which time they must either return to lessons or go home. Pupils who are unwell should report to a teacher who will then complete a green slip for them to take to the Office.

Very few medicines need to be taken during normal school hours and in most cases the appropriate dosage of medicine when prescribed to be taken 'three times a day' can be given 'before school, after school and at night'. The same principle can also be applied to medication such as creams/drops for conjunctivitis etc. However, this may not always be the case as some prescribed medication will have times or conditions stipulated by the doctor.

Where pupils are recovering from a short term illness which requires medication (such as tablets, mixtures), any request for school staff to administer medicine by a parent /carer must be made in writing and include evidence that the child needs to take medicine during school hours, e.g. instructions on the container or advice from the pharmacist.

If you wish your daughter to receive medication in school then a 'Parent / Carer Consent for the School to administer medication' form must be completed. The consent form can be using the link below.

 PDF Parent / Carer Consent for the School to administer medication Form

Sanitary towels and tampons may be purchased from the Office. Please could parents inform the school immediately if, at any time, their daughter develops head lice. Any medical queries should be addressed to the school Matron.

Please click here to view the Medical Needs Policy

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