SWGS Governing Board

South Wilts is an Academy School. Its Governing Board is made up of

The Governors come from various professional backgrounds and contribute different skills. A mixture of experienced and newly appointed Governors provides the benefits of both continuity and a fresh approach to the Governing Board.

The main Governing Board meets at least once a term. In the intervening weeks the Committees: Curriculum, Personnel and Resources, give detailed consideration to issues and make recommendations to the full Governing Board.

The members of the Resources Committee are concerned with the financial management of the school. From the Business Manager they receive detailed information throughout the year. They also consider Health and Safety issues and matters relating to the premises. An internal audit is carried out by professional auditors and their job is to scrutinise in more detail the work of the financial officers of the school.

The members of the Personnel Committee consider matters of staffing and payment and conditions. Applicants for all senior teaching posts are interviewed by Governors.

The Curriculum Committee is at the heart of the school as it deals with all matters concerned with the educational provision. Its members have to keep up to date with many curriculum issues and decide on the impact of these at South Wilts. This Committee meets with staff from various departments on a regular basis, hears of their work and joins some of their lessons.

All meetings are minuted by the Clerk to Governors and minutes are circulated to all Governors. The Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and members of the senior leadership team are fully involved in the work of these Committees and act in partnership with the Governors.

There is a Duty Governor at each Parents' Evening. Individual Governors who attend different school events throughout the year report on issues raised at full Board meetings.

Governing Body Structure

Full list of Governors 2018-2019

Name Category Committee(s) Term of Office
Mrs Sarah Byerley Staff Resources November 2018 - 2022
Mr Christopher Child (Chair) Governor

Steering Committee

October 2015 - 2019

Mr Will Davies Co-opted

Personnel and Admissions

July 2018 - 2022

Mr Neil Goddard Parent Curriculum
Disadvantaged Learners Link
February 2018 - 2022
Mrs Jacqui Goodall Governor 
    • Curriculum (Chair)
    • Steering Committee
    • Child Protection and SEN Governor
October 2016 – 2020
Mrs Sharon Hackett Staff
  • Personnel and Admissions 
March 2018 - 2022
Mrs Julie King Staff Curriculum July 2017 - 2021
Mr Bob Hendicott


Resources  December 2015 - 2019 
Mr Nick Lay
(Vice Chair)
Parent Curriculum 
Personnel and Admissions (Chair)
Steering Committee
Whistleblowing Governor
Sixth Form Link
July 2016 - 2020
Mr Robert Macdonald Co-opted Resources
Audit (Chair)
December 2016 - 2020
Mrs Liz Ogilvie Governor Personnel and Admissions April 2017 - 2021
Mr Howard Prince Governor  Resources
Health & Safety Governor
October 2015 - 2019 
Mrs Lucy Rigden Governor Curriculum July 2018 - 2022
Mr Steve Russell Parent Curriculum
Careers/PHSE/SRE Link
September 2017-2021
Mrs Helen Stewart Governor  Personnel and Admissions January 2019 - 2023
Mr Greg Wilson  Parent  Resources
Sixth Form Link Governor
October 2015 - 2019  
Mrs Michele Chilcott Headteacher  All Committees  September 2011 - 
Mrs Jane Walsham Clerk to the Governors    September 2013 - 

All Governors can be contacted through the Clerk to the Governors on 01722 323326 or by e-mailing governors@swgs.wilts.sch.uk or by writing to Jane Walsham, Clerk to the Governors, South Wilts Grammar School, Stratford Road, Salisbury SP1 3JJ

Committee Membership 2019-20

Jacqui Goodall (Chair)
Michele Chilcott (Head)
Neil Goddard
Julie King
Nick Lay
Lucy Rigden
Steve Russell (Vice)
Steering Group
Nick Lay (Chair of Personnel)
Chris Child (Chair of Governors)
Michele Chilcott (Head)
Jacqui Goodall (Chair of Curriculum)
(Chair of Resources) TBC 26.11.19
Personnel and Admissions
Michele Chilcott (Head)
Will Davies
Sharon Hackett
Bob Hendicott
Nick Lay (Chair)
Liz Ogilvie (Vice)
 Helen Stewart
Sarah Byerley
Chris Child
Michele Chilcott (Head)
Jacqui Goodall (Chair of Curriculum)
Nick Lay (Chair of Personnel)
Robert MacDonald
Howard Prince (Vice)
Steve Russell
Greg Wilson

















Robert MacDonald (Chair)
Michele Chilcott (Head)
Chris Child
Steve Russell






Full Register of Business Interests Sept 2019-20

Name Type of Governor Current Employment / Association Date Appointed and by Whom Date Resigned Term of Office Attendance at Board Meetings
Attendance at Committee Meetings
Henry Barbour Parent   13.11.19
  13.11.19 – 12.11.23 - -
Sarah Byerley Staff Employed as a Teacher at SWGS with no other interests 20.10.14 - Staff    1.11.18 –
8 4
Chris Child (Chair) Governor

Army Officer
Army HQ, Andover
Spouse is City Clerk, Salisbury City Council

1.1.11 - Members   5.10.15 - 4.10.19  8 9
Will Davies Co-opted

HR Director
Surrey University
Stag Hill, Guildford GU2 7XH
Managing Director
Orchard HR Limited, Own business

   12.7.18 – 11.7.22  4  3
Neil Goddard Governor

Local Government Officer
Bournemouth Borough Council
Town Hall, St Stephen's Rd, Bournemouth BH2 6EB
Director of the South West Grid for Learning
Belvedere House, Woodwater Park, Pynes Hill, Exeter

  19.2.18 - 18.2.22 7 2
Jacqui Goodall  Governor

Educational consultant / Ofsted Inspector
Registrations Officer (Ceremonies)
(Wiltshire Council)
Trustee for Lucy's Days Out charity
Chair of Governors for Old Sarum Primary School (voluntary)
Consultant – Parkstone Grammar
Governor St Peter’s School

  8.10.16 - 7.10.20  6 10
Sharon Hackett Staff

Employed as a Teacher at SWGS with no other employment

  1.3.18 - 28.2.11 6 3
Bob Hendicott Governor Management Consultant
Hendicott Partnership Limited
26 Cornwall Road
Salisbury SP1 3NL
  14.12.15 - 13.12.19 4 2
Julie King Staff Employed as Pastoral Manager at
SWGS with no other business
   1.7.17 –
6 3
Kate Knight Parent   13.11.19
  13.11.19 –
- -
Nick Lay
(Vice Chair)
Parent Qinetiq Group PLC Cody Technology Park, Ively Road Farnborough GU14 0LX Wife works as an Assistant Accountant at Godolphin School 1.7.16 - Parents   1.7.16 - 30.6.20  8  6
Lucy Rigden Governor  Learning Resource Assistant
Wiltshire College, Salisbury
  12.7.18 - 11.7.22 6 3
Robert Macdonald Co-opted 

Equity Partner Moore Stephens LLP 33 The Clarenden Centre Dairy Meadow Lane Salisbury SP1 2TJ
Salisbury Chamber of Commerce
Rollestone House
8-12 Rollestone Street
Salisbury SP1 1DY

  8.12.16 - 7.12.20 6  5
Liz Ogilvie Governor

Chapel House Consultant
Chapel House, Chapel Lane
Wylye Road, Hanging Langford
Salisbury SP3 4NN
The Collective Facilitation Limited
1616 Buckingham Road
Richmond TW10 7EQ

  3.4.17 –
7 2
Howard Prince Governor AT&T Highfield House, Headless Cross, Redditch B97 5EQ Trustee of Salisbury Young Musicians 4.10.11 Trustees   5.10.15 - 4.10.19  8 3
Steve Russell   Giraffe Reward Limited
Old Fire Station
Salt Lane
Salisbury SP1 1DU
Direction (HR Consultancy)
Invigilator at:
Dauntseys School
High St, West Lavington,
Devizes SN10 4HE
St. Edmund’s Girls’ School
Church Rd, Laverstock,
Salisbury SP1 1RD
Wyvern College
33 Church Rd, Laverstock, Salisbury SP1 1QU

  1.9.17 –
8 10
Helen Stewart  Governor Director of the South West Academy Trust 1.1.11 - Subscriper to Memorandum    19.1.19 – 18.1.23 7 9
Greg Wilson Parent Army Officer
MOD, Army HQ, Andover
15.10.15 - Parents   13.11.19 15.10.15 - 14.10.19 5 2
Michele Chilcott Headteacher

Employed as Headteacher at SWGS
Member of the WASP Learning Centre

1.9.11   1.1.11 -   8 15

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