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Study Skills and Exams


We recognise that students do feel a pressure to achieve high grades and that this can be ongoing and ever present for some students over the course of many school years. We can work with students in a number of ways to help with this, both in terms of study skills and really effective exam preparation and in terms of developing strategies for managing the anxieties of a stressful situation. Some of this work takes place in 1:1 situations, some with a specialist and some in whole class teaching groups. This year two members of staff have been trained in mindfulness with a view to exploring ways that this might be effective with some students in the future.


Useful Links


 (a Canadian organisation) has some tips on how to manage anxiety during exam periods 


Study, Revision and exam Tips some tips for exam preparations, revision techniques to try and how to keep calm.


Keeping Calm some tips to help reduce stress from exams.


 Child Line produces a useful leaflet to help young people manage exam stress.