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Throughout the year various events take place to support the students’ welfare.  During activities week the Year 9 students take part in a ‘wellbeing day’ organised by the Head of Lower School.  There are also talks organised for parents discussing parenting teenagers, cyber safety and issues relating to young people.  In the sixth form the PSD and assembly programme is carefully designed for students to support their wellbeing, development of life skills and resilience as they become independent.

Click on the links below to find out more about a few of the talks that have taken place in school.


'RAP Project Handout' Handout from the Parents Pastoral Evening on the 8th of March.

'Family Therapy Talk'  A talk was given to parents by Helen Gibson of Invigorate. It discussed family dynamics, interactions and how family therapy can sometimes help at times of difficulty.

'Talking to Teenagers about Alcohol' A talk was given by the Alcohol Education Trust about the best ways to talk to young people about alcohol. This talk gave parents the chance to air their concerns about drinking issues, and gave tips and guidance for parents on how to approach the issue of drinking outside of the home, to keep children safe and what to do if things do go wrong.

'Internet SafetyMr Jones talked to parents about internet safety and the importance of talking to our children about the social media and apps they are using, the dangers of the internet and the need to check security settings and boundaries. This was to ensure that young people are fully informed and able to keep themselves safe.

'Wellbeing DayDuring activities week all the Year 9 students were able to participate in a day designed to help them think about their own wellbeing and resilience.

Living with Teenagers Linda Cantillon-Guyatt, the CEO of the charity ASK gave a talk to parents about the challenges of living with a teenager, including how conflicts can occur and escalate and how to deescalate and handle tricky situations.

When do teenage problems become “Problems”? – talk by Dr. Anna Randle, Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Randle talked to parents about worrying behaviour, signs to look out for in their teenagers and who to ask for help from if they become concerned.

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