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Kate Luker Who is the counsellor?
Kate Luker is the Counsellor and she is in School four mornings a week from Tuesday to Friday, when you can make an appointment to talk through anything that might be worrying you. Kate can be found in the Counselling room 043 at the far end of the second floor corridor in the old school

How will counselling help?

Counsellors can support you in many different ways.

If you are feeling unhappy, stressed or worried, counselling can help you deal with these difficult times by providing a gentle, secure space to reflect and talk. Counsellors are trained to listen without judging in any way, as well as to support you, as you sort out your thoughts and feelings. They can help you build your confidence, understand things in a different way and draw on your own strengths, so that you feel able to manage whatever is happening in your life.

How do arrange a meeting with the Counsellor?

You can meet with Kate either by sending her an email or by talking to your tutor or Head of Key Stage and they will contact Kate on your behalf.

Tuesday 8.00 -1.00
Wednesday 8.00 – 12.00
Thursday 8.00 -12.00
Friday 8.00 -1.00


If you prefer, you can turn up without making an appointment on a Tuesday or Friday from 12.05 pm to 12.55pm. Groups are welcome and you can use this time to meet Kate and to find out more about Counselling. The drop-in works on a first-come, first-seen basis so you may need to wait or to come back later.

Counselling and you

Your first appointment would be for 20 minutes, to give you the opportunity to meet Kate and to explore the best way she can help you. Counselling is a voluntary activity and you would decide whether you would like to go ahead,

Counselling depends on a high level of trust and openness and it is confidential. What you say in counselling will not be passed on, unless you agree that it can be. The exception to this is if you or another young person were at risk of harm, Kate would need to inform others who could provide additional support.

If you feel it would help you to let your parents know you are having counselling then Kate would not be involved, except at your request. Again, nothing you say would be passed on without your agreement.

Kate is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, and follows their code of ethics. For more information view