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How do we cater for pastoral needs in KS4? 


Tutors are central to the support of our students. They will know their students well as individuals and see them every morning. Each tutor group has the flexibility to adopt and develop their own routine in tutor time to cover the areas of wellbeing, organisation and current affairs. Their routine may include quizzes, mindfulness techniques, debates on current affairs or topics that are important to the students, they may also have time for short films as well as time to discuss and debate topics to feed back to the school council.

If a student is struggling with organisation their tutor will help them to develop strategies and signpost help if needed. The Head of Key Stage or Head of Year work closely with tutors to support students both academically and pastorally. They will become involved when a greater level of support is required. They regularly work with parents and outside agencies in order to support a student.

In KS4 there is a programme taught through PSHE classes to include important life skills, employability, Post 16 choices, health and issues affecting young people today. Teaching often takes the form of debates, discussions and speakers from outside organisations are also invited in to speak. Click here to view the PSHE and Citizenship page.

Students are given the opportunity to apply for prefect roles at the end of Year 10. This is seen as an important opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills whilst at the same time supporting the school community in many areas for example in leading school council, acting as peer support mentors and community liaison prefects.

Students are supported further by the SENCO, the Careers Advisor, the School Counsellor and the School Nurse.