Eco Group

The school has had a very active Eco group for a number of years. This group is coordinated by a senior member of staff, but led by sixth form senior prefects. Each form has a green rep whose role is to attend meetings, report back to the tutor group on activities and be a lead within the form relating to environmental issues.

Over the past few years we have installed photo voltaic panels to generate our own electricity and installed a weather station, both at SWGS and our partner school in India to compare climate change. We have moved over to environmentally friendly take out trays in the dining hall and recycle a significant proportion of the school’s waste.

We have pond on site that is maintained by students and used by students for their Biology studies. It also has insect houses, a compost heap and a range of different vegetation and flowers. Our students have also written an eco-code that is regularly updated.

We have been working with one of our local primary schools’, Bemerton St. John, on environmental issues. We have visited each other’s school and exchanged ideas about how we can make our schools more sustainable. We also talk about our work in assemblies to ensure that all of our students are fully informed.
We have also recently installed another bird box with a webcam so that activity can be viewed online.

We were very pleased in 2012 when our work was recognised by the keep Britain tidy organisation and we were awarded the green flag award in recognition of the work within the school.

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 Bird box of the side of our science block

Our wildlife pond area 
Weather station at South Wilts
Generating solar energy at South Wilts
Weather station in India
The green flag award

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South West academic Trust
ESafety Mark
International School Award
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