Reporting an Absence



It is important for us to know if a student is not going to be attending school. Therefore, would you please telephone 01722 323326, send an email to or contact us via parent portal as soon as possible on the first day of non-attendance, informing us of the reason and expected length of absence.

Please note: all absences, which the school has not received notification for will be recorded as unauthorised absence.



Requesting of Absence - Penalty Notices

Government guidance about authorising absence in term time is very strict. The reference to granting holiday absence has been removed and so any term time absence can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances. This has affected the guidance we have now been issued from Wiltshire Council regarding the issue of Penalty notices.
Penalty notices must be issued if a student accumulates 10 or more unauthorised absences within a 6th month period, for this purpose a session is equal to either a morning or an afternoon of school. Here are the more detailed guidelines from Wiltshire Council.

PDF documents can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader

For absence other than a medical appointment, please use the Absence request form, available at This form is also available in Reception.