South Wilts Alumnae

South Wilts Grammar School was first established in 1927 and in that long history many students have passed through its doors and onto full and enriching lives and careers. We recognise that today, more so than ever, we depend upon the people we meet and the contacts we make. The time spent at South Wilts has not only brought friendships, but also a professional network that can serve past and current students.

We have therefore launched the South Wilts Alumnae. This is an association especially for our former students whereby you can keep in touch with the school and each other. The South Wilts Alumnae is a great opportunity to maintain contact between Alumnae members, staff and also current students.

The South Wilts Alumnae has a great deal to offer its members in a variety of ways and we hope that you will enjoy taking advantage of these services, both in your professional and personal lives. Our aim is to help you stay connected to the school and to serve as an ongoing resource throughout your academic career and beyond, ensuring you feel a part of the South Wilts community.

Every student at South Wilts, past and present, has demonstrated that to achieve and strive to be better is a rarity that gives one’s life value. It is this status that all South Wilts Alumnae possess. As Alumnae you will illuminate others and act as inspiration for those that follow.

Joining the Alumnae

We encourage all students, past and present, to sign up. There is a short section of essential information we require in order to keep you in touch with what is going on at South Wilts. There is an opportunity, should you wish, to complete an optional section of information. This will allow us to utilise your skills in order to support current students through their time at South Wilts.

To join the Alumnae click here!

Keep in touch with contact details so we can send you our termly school newsletters and information of Alumnae events.

If you have any other ideas for developing the Alumnae, or would like to contribute to the school in any other way, then please indicate below and we will be in touch.

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