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South West Academic Trust Update 2018

Our teaching and learning conferences have gone from strength to strength with more teachers attending and a wider range of schools represented. The range of seminars have included The Mental Health Friendly classroom, Mindfulness in the Curriculum and Engaging Learners in the Climate of Challenge.

Students have also continued to play a key role, with Exeter University students talking about their challenges when starting their courses and students from SWAT schools reporting on their activities including e-safety and Creating a Student Magazine.

Subject meetings are also proving to be very popular. These include all of the subject meetings but also pastoral, assessment groups, teaching and learning, careers and sixth form meetings. We encourage departments to be creative such as inviting guest speakers or exam boards to the meetings. Other groups organise competitions.

We have recently appointed a new Gifted and Talented coordinator who will oversee a whole range of different activities. Each school is selecting a group of SWAT ambassadors from years 10 and 11 to lead the work within each school. They will promote competitions, mentor younger students in public speaking and accompany students to different events.

Here at SWGS we appointed six SWAT Challenge Ambassadors who were all from year 11. They successfully organised inter-from school challenge competitions which were loosely based on University Challenge. We saw forms from year 7-11 compete against one another in order to be crowned champion. The SWAT Challenge Ambassadors were also responsible for preparing six year 8 students who represented SWGS at the regional Junior Schools’ Challenge competition that was held at Bryanston in January.

So far this academic year the SWAT Challenge Ambassadors have run assemblies on challenge for all key stages in order to further promote their role within the school (and how it fits in with aspects of the SWGS learning culture- academic risk taking), as well as all the exciting events that are coming up, including the prestigious SWAT Challenge Cup Competition that will take place in March 2019.

Throughout the year, there are numerous ad hoc discussion points where SWAT schools share areas of expertise. These include approaches to CPD, appraisal, lesson observations, official returns to central government and pastoral issues.