Re-designation of International School Award

ISALogoSouth Wilts has been re-designated as an International School by the British Council in recognition of the broad range of work that is studied at the school.

We initially achieved the award in 2007 and since then, the range of activities has increased and links with our international partner schools has increased.

All departments within the school ensure there is a global dimension in the programmes of study that students undertake. From a wide range of international music to detailed work of many foreign countries in Geography, all students benefit from the international themes the work they study.

Links with our partner schools in France and Germany continue to be strong with regular trips and exchanges. Numerous visits have taken place between South Wilts and our Indian partner school, The Lawrence Homan Public School in Lucknow. British Council Grants have funded these visits that have involved both staff and students.

We have also developed our links with China. Regular video conferences have taken place this year between Chinese students and our own International school prefects. Two different visits have involved teachers and the headteacher from Nanhai No1 school to South Wilts.

We are looking forward to developing many of these initiatives with the support of our International School prefects from years 12 and 13. They take a lead role every year to organise different activities such as supporting languages day for year 9 students, exchanging Christmas cards with students in India and helping to decorate the dining hall for themed international days.



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