Our Link School in India

Our link school is Lawrence Homan Public School in Bakshi-Ka-Talab, Lucknow, India. The School is co-educational for 4-18 year olds and was founded by Lyn and Hugh Homan in 1984.

At South Wilts we are very proud to have a link with the Lawrence Homan Public School (LHPS) and see it as an excellent opportunity for cultural enrichment. During the year we participate in correspondence with the pupils of LHPS to learn about different approaches and traditions to everyday life and festivals. Our link provides an excellent opportunity for everyone from years 7-13 to be involved through activities such as creating and exchanging Christmas cards. Currently the team of international schools prefects use assemblies and displays to promote the link and involvement of fellow students within the school. Throughout the year the prefect team meet regularly and discuss opportunities to fund raise and set up schemes such as ‘pen pals’ to further strengthen the link. Furthermore regular visits from teachers enable the exchange of larger items such as artwork and enable them to experience how schools and curriculum differ between the two countries.

A further advantage of the link is the excellent gap year opportunity it provides. The year enables two students going out for four months (Sept-Dec and Jan-April) to teach English as a foreign language on a regular timetable, which also enables the TEFL training to be obtained. While in India the gap year student stays in ‘western’ style accommodation with the head teacher Sushma Singh and gains firsthand experience of Indian lifestyle. Regular trips are made to surrounding villages to help recruit students (especially females) this provides an insight into rural Indian life. Furthermore they are included in the community and are able to celebrate traditional Indian weddings and festivals such as Holi. From those who have participated in the Gap year placements they say ‘It was a life changing and insightful experience’. Below are links to provide further information from recent gap year students about their experiences.

Ellie Selby

International School Prefect

For further information on the International link with LHPS please contact:

Mr Jones: smj@swgs.wilts.sch.uk

Useful links: www.lawrencehomanschool.org

Alice Hamlins Assembly
LHPS Report by Alice Hamlins
Lawrence Homan Public School by Polly Selby
LHPS Report by Polly Selby
Lawrence Homan School in India by Rachel Beswick
Report from Rachel Beswick on Lawrence Homan School

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