Introduces students to working with key drama techniques, such as improvisation, physical theatre, freeze frames, mime, hot-seating and many more. The main aim is to develop students’ creative ability and to establish effective group cohesion. The KS3 programme allows students to develop their teamwork and communication skills as well as improving their confidence. They will broaden their understanding and knowledge of genres of theatre and theatre history.

Year 7

Topics covered at year 7 include:

Year 8

Topics covered are:

Year 9

Topics covered are:


Year 10

Students will be introduced to basic drama skills, terminology, devising techniques and various genres of theatre such as Naturalism and Physical theatre. They will also experience devising work and scripted work, leading to assessments in both. There will be an opportunity to see live theatre and practise writing reviews on performances seen, on both professional work and student’s own work, in the form of written coursework. They will study a set text- Missing Dan Nolan by Mark Wheeler, and prepare for a written exam on this. 

Year 11

This year sees the continuation of students refining their written responses to live theatre and collating their notes on performances seen during year 10 and 11. Students will be studying another play text and realising the play practically in the role of designers, technicians or actors. There will be an opportunity to perform to a live audience through one of the coursework units. They will complete a portfolio and a Concept Pro Forma based on their own work and will prepare further for their written exam on set text ‘Missing Dan Nolan’.


Year 12 Course Outline

Unit 1: Preparation for a written exam based on the study of set play ‘A Servant of 2 Masters’ and responding to live theatre.
Unit 2: A practical unit which requires you to perform 2 extracts from published plays, applying the work of a practitioner to them. Written coursework based on this is also completed. .

Year 13 Course Outline

Unit 1: Written exam based on the study of a further set play ‘ Our Country’s Good’
Unit 2: Performance of a devised piece influenced by the work of a practitioner
Unit 3: 1 further extract performance with another practitioner applied. This is marked by an examiner from AQA during a public performance.