Art Curriculum 


Students will carry out a minimum of 3 projects per year:

Year 7

Unit 1 - Formal Elements

Year 7 Art starts by teaching and learning the foundation drawing skills.  Students produce a Still life drawing based on simple shaped objects utilising the elements line, tone, proportion, scale and composition.  Colour theory is then introduced and students learn how to mix paint/colours to create a colour wheel.  The skill of mixing colours and then applying paint is used to present a colour version of their original Still life composition. Key Artists related to the understanding of colour theory are introduced and investigated.

Unit 2 - Self Protrait

This unit builds on students’ realistic drawing skills but introduces concept of Abstraction inspired by the Artist Chuck Close.  Students are able to achieve an accurate likeness of a Self Portrait by using the grid method and they explore other drawing/rendering techniques modelled in the work of famous Artists’ Portraiture. 

Unit 3 - Print and Pattern

Plants are the subject matter for students to explore the formal elements of line and shape to create a pattern based on a simple poly board design using the reduction method printing process.  Students are informed by the work of Henri Rousseau’s Jungle paintings, Matisse’s Abstract leaf ’Cut Outs’, William Morris’s print designs and other contemporary print designers.  

Year 8

Unit 1 - Cultural Sculpture

Students create investigative presentations into given cultures and use this knowledge to create a sculptural piece of work and a fashion item.

Unit 2: Pop Art Photoshop and painting

Students will use Pop Art as the inspiration for pieces of Art work in this project.  They will explore drawing techniques, relevant Artists’ work and Photoshop to prepare them for a final ‘Rosenquist’ style painting rendered in acrylic paints.

Unit 3: Landscapes

‘What is a Landscape?’ is the starting point for this project.   Students are introduced to the history of the Landscape and explore the way that the Impressionists, post-Impressionists and Expressionists have tackled this genre.  Students are then given the task of creating a large group painting from a photographed landscape in the style of a famous Artist or related movement. 

Year 9

Project 1: GCSE Mini Project

Students carry out a small scale project in the same format as those at GCSE working independently into record, experiment and develop work to a personal outcome.  The current theme is ‘Memories’ and the students will put a folder together that investigates; related Artists’ work, drawing/painting styles and planning for a final piece.  For this project the final outcome will take the form of a ‘Memory Quilt’ patch.

Project 2: Personal Investigation

Students carry out an in depth personal written study into an inspirational artist, acquiring art historical and visual culture skills.

Project 3: Personal Investigation Outcome

Using their written study artist as inspiration students create a final outcome of their choice. 

Years 10 & 11

KS4: GCSE Art & Design –Fine Art AQA

Component 1 – Coursework portfolio



Component 2 – Externally set task

1 Exam project completed in Year 11 from January-Easter worth 96 marks – 40%