Art Curriculum 


Students will carry out a minimum of 3 projects per year:

Year 7

Project 1: Drawing Skills

Students investigate the 'Importance of Art' through research of artists, museums and articles as well as develop their drawing skill in a range of wet and dry media resulting in a still life, mixed media outcome.

Project 2: Print Design

Students explore various printing processes to create a repetitive pattern design outcome.

Project 3: Relief Tiles

Students explore mark making and sculptural relief in paper, card and clay, resulting in a clay relief tile.

Project 4: Self Portrait

Students investigate both realism and abstract responses to self-portrait and identity and use this to represent their personality, as well as how to enlarge drawings.

Project 5: Felting

Students study non-objective art and colour theory to produce their own small felt panel.


Year 8

Project 1: Cultural Sculpture

Students create investigative presentations into given cultures and use this knowledge to create their own sculptural mask.

Project 2: Textiles

Exploring embellishment, embroidery, quilting and design students create their own textiles piece.

Project 3: Photography & Collage

Students learn about visual composition and photography techniques as well as photo manipulation in order to create a surreal outcome

Project 4: Clay Pots

Investigating the theme of 'Journeys' in art students create a pot through learning various construction methods in clay

Project 5: Stop Motion

Through experimental drawing and photography students create their own stop motion films.


Year 9

Project 1: GCSE Mini Project

Students carry out a small scale project in the same format as those at GCSE working independently into record, experiment and develop work to a personal outcome.

Project 2: Personal Investigation

Students carry out an in depth personal written study into an inspirational artist, acquiring art historical and visual culture skills.

Project 3: Personal Investigation Outcome

Using their written study artist as inspiration students create a final outcome of their choice. 

Years 10 & 11

KS4: GCSE Art & Design – Unendorsed AQA

Students create two Coursework Projects each based around a given theme. They begin the course in year 10 with workshops to learn and apply a broad range of skills in drawing, printing, collage and painting. They will also learn how to research and analyse artists work.

The first project runs from September until January and then it is fully assessed against the four AQA Assessment Objectives; Develop, Experiment, Record and Present. Students then begin their second Coursework Project which runs from January through to Easter after which it is also fully assessed. During the summer term and the start of year 11 student will complete their coursework to hand in before Christmas of year 11. The exam paper is handed out in January and there is a preparatory period from this point until Easter. In the exam the students create their final piece during 10 hours over 2 days. This takes place after Easter. All work is assessed using the four Assessment Objectives.

KS5: Alevel Art & Design – Unendorsed AQA

In year 12 students will begin their A Level course with a series of workshops aimed to orientate them to new media and approaches. They will learn oil painting, Photoshop image manipulation, printing techniques, observational drawing skills amongst others. In January students will begin their Personal Investigation coursework unit which will examine a theme of their choice.  They will create work which is assessed against the four Assessment Objectives; Develop, Experiment, Record and Present. An essay which runs alongside their practical work will also be produced in the summer term of year 12. The exam paper is given out in February of Year 13 and there is a preparatory period until Easter where students create a project and plan for their exam which they will sit after the Easter holidays. The exam lasts for 15 hours over 3 days and students will produce their final outcomes in this time.


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