At KS3 the students study history from 400AD to 2001 with each year being shaped by the study of a specific world view:

Year 7

Students will develop their historical skills through investigations surrounding Anglo-Saxon and Medieval England:

Year 8

Students investigate themes of imperialism and change:

Year 9

Students develop their skills through a study of:


Year 10

Our GCSE course follows the Edexcel specification. Students study two units in year 10, an overview study of medicine through time from 1250 to the present. This includes a location study and source investigation of the British campaigns on the Western Front and their relation to medical advancements. In addition students complete a depth study on the reigns of Richard and John, this medieval study considered the Third Crusade and the signing of Magna Carta.

Year 11

The year 11 GCSE History course examines Russian Communism from the Bolshevik revolt in 1917 to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. This involves a study of the Russian Revolution and the rise of Stalin followed by an investigation of the Cold War. 


Students follow the Edexcel Route H course:

Year 12

Year 13