2010 - Digital Photography Group

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A small group of camera enthusiasts have joined Mr Crouch on Wednesday lunchtimes to explore the world of Digital Photography. After looking at the unique features digital cameras bring to the world of photography the group were set a number of challenging assignments including:

  • Creating a slide show that tells a story using pictures taken on a theme and set to music.
  • Looking at Macro photography and making comparisons to zoom.
  • Exploring the effects of light from different positions including the use of flash.
  • Reflecting the seasons by targeting particular images and effects.
  • Firework night.
  • Black and white.
  • Reflection.
  • Adding drama to the photograph by constructing shots that enhance natural perspective.
  • Use of Photoshop to add contrast, to enhance colour balance, to exaggerate particular colours and the create special effects.
  • Etc.

The group was occasionally led by one or more of its sixth form members who gave presentations of their own work or particular themes followed by a task for everyone to practise.

Represented here is a small selection of the pictures taken by various members of the group between September and June.


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