2009 - Year 7 Trip to Germany

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Year 7 Trip to Germany - June 2009

Monday: we left the coach park and set off to Dover. From there we took the ferry to Calais and then drove for what felt like days through France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. We arrived in Germany at long last after two films and several pit stops!!! We got to the hotel in Traben-Trarbach, got given the keys to our rooms, dumped our bags down then went exploring everyone's rooms. We had a balcony in our room.

Tuesday: we went to a town called Cochem to have a tour of Cochem castle and go shopping! After that we went on a chair lift to take us up to the animal and theme park. It was only small but loads of fun! It was a lot different to our theme parks in England; most of the rides were operated by the person behind you in the queue! We went on the rides for a while and then we went around the animal enclosures. There were boars, bears, water rats (they were so cute!!!) horses, goats and loads more but the best was at the end: we were walking to the exit through a field when we saw a herd of deer. We were in the same field as the deer and they came right up to us! We took the chair lift back down to the town and walked back to the coach. Back at the hotel we had dinner and had a general knowledge quiz, then went to bed.

Wednesday: we went to the school in Traben-Trarbach to meet our pen-pals. We had a questionnaire with questions about the school to answer, but we had to translate them for our pen-pals! It was fun! We left the school (after exchanging numbers I might add!!) and went shopping in Bernkastel. We met up again after that and we went on a boat trip along the Mosel back to Traben-Trarbach. Then we had dinner at the hotel before our evening activity: minigolf. There were a few 'strategic players' as we called ourselves! (Would you count putting your feet behind the hole to make sure the ball goes in as cheating?)

Thursday: we went to the ancient Roman city of Trier. We went to the amphitheatre and to the imperial baths. There were no lights in the hypocaust tunnels, so we went round scaring everyone that went past. People would hide behind corners and jump out at unsuspecting victims! Then we went to the Basilica and, at the end of the day, to the Porta Nigra. We went right to the top and you could see for miles!

We also went (you guessed it) shopping in Trier! We had a couple of hours and we went to ice cream shops, clothes shops, tourist shops, ice cream shops, and more clothes shops!! We went back to the hotel and had dinner then started packing. The week had gone so fast! We then got dressed up ready for the disco! We had a great time but then we had to go to bed for the last time in Germany, ready for an early start the next morning.

Friday: we had breakfast and brought our bags downstairs. We set off at half past seven for the journey home. We crossed back through Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and then France where we caught the ferry from Calais to Dover. We cheered when we could see Salisbury Cathedral's steeple!! We were nearly home!

We all enjoyed our trip to Germany but I think we were all glad to be home. It had been a tiring few days but we all had fun.

I would like to thank all the teachers that went with us to Germany, and I would also like to thank the members of the hotel staff for taking care of us so well but the biggest thank you I think should go to Frau Tallis for organising the trip.

Karina Walker 7E


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