2009 - Year 9 Languages Day

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On 25th January 2009, Year 9 had their Languages Day. A week before this date, we were asked to choose two out of a selection of languages including Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Russian, Basque and Italian. We were also told to bring some continental/international food. Most of us didn't have much idea about why we had to bring this, but we were soon told that we would be having an International picnic for lunch on Languages Day.

The day arrived and we quickly became involved in our first workshop. These were led by parents and teachers who spoke another language. Activities varied from playing bingo with foreign numbers to greeting someone and trying an Italian coffee (after ordering it in Italian!) Our second workshop followed. This was the second language that we had chosen and we had high expectations after our first workshop. We had great fun in both of these workshops.

Next, the picnic. Food ranged from dips to cheese, spring rolls and quiche. We all thoroughly enjoyed sampling foods from around the world, and it was quite amazing to see the variety of foods that people had brought!

In the afternoon, we viewed plays that we had been practising for the last few weeks (in either French or German.) These were great fun to watch, and the performers had an immense amount of enjoyment from performing the plays. Content varied from ‘Cinderella' to ‘Blind Date' and ‘Strictly Come Dancing' to dancing, rapping rats!

All Year 9 students had a lot of fun and enjoyment on Languages Day, and we would like to say thank you very much, Miss Balaine for organising such a fantastic day.

Rebecca Bostock Year 9

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