Teachers visit from the Nanhai region of China

Chinese Visitors outside SWGSRecently, we have had the pleasure of hosting four Chinese teachers from the Nanhai region of China. They have been staying with South Wilts teachers, observing many lessons during the school day and exploring the local area.

Here is a summary of the visit in their words:

'What we have seen and heard have made a deep impression upon us. We really treasure what we have leant here. We had many observation lessons at school and listened to many different subjects and meetings too.

Teachers and students are very friendly and polite. There isn't any bad behaviour among students. They concentrate in each lesson and take an active part in all the activities in class. Teachers are very kind to their students and are patient in answering the questions asked by any student. Students have much time to practise what they have learnt and teachers always walk around among the students and make sure every student can master what they have learnt. Learning and teaching are always carried on in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.'

From the classes we attended at South Wilts Grammar School, we learned a lot. As a result, our concepts and ideas in education and teaching are updated. We believe, our teaching proficiency will be greatly enhanced, after our return to China, which will also bring a positive influence on other teachers in Nanhai.

Thanks a lot to South Wilts Grammar School, Mrs Stratton, all the teachers, students and friends present here. Without your great support, we wouldn't have had such a pleasant experience. The teachers' devotion and interesting classes have made a deep impression upon us. We really treasure what we have leant here.'

Mr Jones


Created: Friday, October 16, 2009 | School News Page

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