Success in National competiton

Students from South Wilts Grammar school have been successful in Cambridge University's Magdalene College Festival of Landscape Schools' Environmental Challenge. This was a national competition, open to all schools in the country.

The students had to suggest a solution to a local environmental problem. They wrote a report on the effect of weathering on Salisbury Cathedral, coming up with a selection of ingenious solutions to the constant problems faced by the Cathedral. After being short listed, they were invited up to the Cambridge to present their ideas to a board of fellows.

The girls, all year 12 students, were joint winners of the competition and received £1000 for the school. The seven students were: Mei Ling Henry, Catherine Honor, Rachel Beagrie, Charlotte Little, Catherine Steer, Hannah Carter and Natasha Cowley from South Wilts Grammar School.


Created: Thursday, July 16, 2009 | School News Page

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