Geology fieldtrip to Tenerife February 2009

During February half term 20 Bishops and SWGS students spent 5 'rocking' days in Tenerife, to study the volcanic geology of the area. On the trip we were accompanied by Mrs Stratton, Miss Behan, Mr Treglowan (BWS) and Mrs Leader (Taunton School).

The highlight for many of us was taking the cable car up Mt Tiede, the highest mountain in Spain and a dormant volcano. From there we were able to see the 1908 lava flows spreading throughout the caldera. Walking on the 1908 lava was painful and climbing Moñtana Blanca through the snow was a real challenge.

In the evenings we stayed in Playa de lass Americas, where our hotel supplied an interesting buffet and assorted cockroaches in our rooms! One of our days had to be cut short due to heavy snow on the volcano. However this was much enjoyed as we were able to have a snowball fight! For the rest of the day we then investigated a near by beach, coincidently occupied by naturists! We almost lost some of the students as they crawled through ancient lava tubes.

The trip was both educational and enjoyable, and we would like to thank Mrs Stratton for making it such a successful trip! It was unanimous amongst the students that they did not want to return to England after such a successful trip. (Holly Stewart 13KET & Matt Webb BWS)

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