South Wilts HAS got Talent

It was a new venture for the Drama Department, holding a talent show.

It hadn't been done before-normally, it is something the forms do individually, such as X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. But this year, Miss Vice wanted to go one better. She wanted a whole school talent show, for everyone to show off their talents.

And what a success it was. The run up to the night was quite hectic-and Miss Vice and I worked really hard and got very stressed for the whole week before-there was lots to do, and lots to organise.

The night was a cold December evening, with a full house of 180 people. 19 acts, comprising every year in the school, and teachers too, got up to perform on what would be a night of their lives.

We had tap dancing, singing, violin playing, banjo playing, magic acts and a full scale band all up on the stage, supported brilliantly by our wonderful sound crew and the very clever lighting technicians, and of course, the tumultuous applause after each one. At regular intervals, we had the comedy genius of Joey Green and Jess Verity, our drama prefects, to keep the audience entertained.

The whole night was a huge success, and Miss Vice and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the girls who took part, were involved in the technical side, or simply provided us with their thoughts and feedback. It was a big show to pull off-but we did it.

We hope that the acts, crew and audience all enjoyed the performance as much as we did putting it on-and hope to see you all back next year for South Wilts Got Talent......2!

Katy Salter (6MXH)
Assistant Producer


Created: Thursday, December 18, 2008 | School News Page

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