Our School link with Nanhai High School, China

We are pleased to have a link with Nanhai No. 1 High School in southern China. We have already exchanged a number of e-mails and the Year 8 students have prepared a special section on our web-site for the Chinese pupils to access. Mrs Stratton joined 110 Headteachers from the United Kingdom, ten of whom came from Wiltshire, on a visit to China in November arranged by the British Council. The Headteachers were welcomed to Beijing and then travelled to various parts of China to visit their link schools. An agreement has been signed by both school Headteachers at a formal televised ceremony. Our link school has over 3000 students in years 11, 12 and 13 in classes of 58-68 students. They learn English from the age of 5 so all students spoke enough English to speak to me and understand a lecture on English education. It was a fantastic opportunity to see a very different style of learning and even the morning exercises for the whole school. It is hoped to have students exchanges in 2010 and the Headteacher, Mr Guan, should be visiting us next March. (Mrs Stratton)



Created: Thursday, December 18, 2008 | School News Page

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