Funding & Fundraising

Mrs Stratton's Speech Day talk has stirred up some interest in how we are funded so a few facts and figures follow.  Each student brings with them funding and it is at a rather lower level than you might expect.  For Years 7 - 9 each student's income is £2,718.94, in Year 10, £3,385.93, in Year 11, £3,606.24.  Sixth form funding is calculated on a different basis and currently comes from the LSC, based on specific subjects.  The total funding income into the school for 2008 - 09 is £3,698,974.  Much of our expenditure, over 80% , goes on staff salaries and a large number of other costs, such as energy, over £50,000 a year, and exam fees, £140,000 a year, are almost impossible to reduce.  We do receive capital funding of around £105,000 a year, which this year we spent on entrances and redecorating to the school.

Created: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 | School News Page

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