Handel's 'Messiah'


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Handel's 'Messiah'

Since its creation, Handel's 'Messiah' has provoked considerable musicological debate about style and authenticity. A simple solution to these questions was to be found in the performance by the South Wilts Grammar School A Cappella Choir on Saturday the 22nd of January at St. Martin's Church, Salisbury. The crispness of the orchestral playing, led by Richard Parsons, and the resonant and often dramatic singing of the choir had a vitality which sounded fresh off the page. The two excellent professional soloists, Hugh Hetherington and Robert Evans, were complemented by assured and sensitive soprano and alto solos from the choir. Libby Poppleton directed these forces with a precision and sense of style which never lost sight of the unfolding drama, culminating in a thrilling final Amen Chorus. Members of the audience commented that this was an uplifting experience as much as a concert. This must surely have been Handel's original intention.

James Ottaway

2nd February 2011 

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