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Physics in Action Trip (December 2010)

In November a group of 6th form physicists made the trip up to London to experience a day of Physics lectures. These highly entertaining, practical demonstration-filled lectures were delivered by researchers noted in their field of expertise. The conference covered topics from the very small (the search for dark matter in particle accelerators) to the very large (the behaviour of our Sun and the latest three-dimensional images).

We were treated to an array of tricks with sound waves including the use of fire to show up the vibrations of the air during an eclectic mix of past and present hits!

The LASER Light Show continued the musical theme, producing intricate light patterns choreographed perfectly. The highlight really had to be the fascinating Physics involved in making a cup of tea! (Mrs Brown)

Science Club (October 2010)

After a very successful time in 2009-2010, Science Club has again started. With over 50 students attending the Monday and Wednesday clubs it has already proved popular and the students have given very positive feedback. It was decided that for the opening week we would return to the classic of 'Walking on Custard'. Much fun (and unbelievable mess) ensued and we did indeed get every student to prove that walking on custard is possible! Despite torrential rain at the end of September, the paths outside Science still bear the Science Club hallmark of custard stains!

This year the Science club team will be led by Mr Lawrence, Mrs Wilkes and a new member of staff to SWGS, Mr Thorne. We again have called on the help of the Sixth Form and they have responded in force, with 22 helping out in the first few weeks. Without their help and enthusiasm Science Club would not be possible.

This term students have many activities to look forward to including 'Making Slime', 'Building Boomerangs' and investigating 'Water Bomb Trebuchets'. We will of course return to some of the old favourites from last year but we are keen to include as many new activities as possible. Despite the high attendance there is still room for extra – The More the Merrier!

Science Club runs two groups (due to numbers) – One fortnightly on a Monday from 4-5pm and the other Wednesday from 4-5pm and is open to Yr7-9. (Mr Lawrence)

Royal Society of Chemistry Competition (October 2010)

Sushmitha Jayaramachandran, Emma Beck, Ksenia Solovieva and Amy Sherburn all competed in the Royal

Society of Chemistry competition 'Top of the bench'.The competition was run at Portsmouth Grammar School and was attended by students from schools across the southern counties. The four students had to work as a team completing Chemistry tasks designed to test their understanding, processing and practical skills.

The girls worked extremely well and were awarded the 'Safe working prize'. (Mr Hillier) 

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