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Senior Maths Challenge (December 2010)

Once again the Senior Maths Challenge had a wide participation, with 37 students competing. This challenge is designed to extend the most able sixth form mathematicians in the country, and we are very pleased that 27 of our entrants were awarded certificates. Special mention must go to Hannah Royle, who was invited to participate in the follow-on round, the British Mathematical Olympiad, and to Bryony Richards, in Year 10, who was awarded a Gold certificate in the Senior challenge. The following students received certificates:

Year 13: Hannah Royle
Year 12: Lucy Smith, Kat Burleigh, Vanessa Tyler
Year 10: Bryony Richards

Year 13: Meghan Field, Katie Newsome
Year 12: Rebecca Bostock, Emily Davis, Georgina Dean, Rebecca Freestone, Katharine Hoare, Isabelle Kiff, Katie Macleod, Fiona Mashford, Gabriella Pountney, Alex Richards

Year 13: Katharine Baines, Rachel Unwin
Year 12: Flora Burns, Jialu Chen, Hannah Gidney, Elizabeth Legge, Georgina Lowe, Amy Oke, Abigail Tan, Sophie Unwin. (Miss Offner)

Maths Enrichment Day (October 2010)

Seven schools came together for a maths enrichment day for year 11 to learn more about what is involved in A level maths and where maths can take us.

The talk on A level maths was really interesting, involving volunteers from

the audience and a chance to win prizes, namely the indestructible ruler! It gave us a huge insight into what we would be studying and how each section of maths works, using examples.We then listened to three speakers: a global observationist; a mature student studying engineering and a representative from Qinetiq, all showing very different places where maths could take us.

After lunch was a competition, between teams of mixed school groups (our group had 3 SWGS students, 2 Leweston students and 2 students from St Johns), and it took place in three parts, involving calculating and solving more visual puzzles, such as Chairs( a game in which the objective is to stack as many toy chairs as possible).

The winning team included Noorunisa Suhail and Jennifer Welsh (11B), and then from the 2 teams in second place, Rebecca Young (11B) Jessica Whatley (11B), Isobel Grant (11E), Amy Welch (11E), Hannah Brown (11N) and myself. (Sabrina Morice-Broom 11N) 

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