French Exchange 2010

French Exchange

In October a group of year 10 and 12 students from SWGS and BWS set off at crack of dawn on our annual visit to Nantes. Excitement mounted as the moment for meeting new pen friends arrived.

France was in the grip of strikes and everyone learnt the word 'manifestation' very quickly. In spite of disruption to public transport and some large processions in the centre of Nantes we were fortunately little affected by the protests against the raising of the pension age.

The weather during the week was great and the range of activities had something for everyone. There were lessons and activities in school, visits to the local salt marshes, a guided tour of the football stadium and a full day's excursion to Paris for Year 12.All the students were wonderfully behaved and some were brave enough to make a speech in front of all the French parents, the French headmaster and a city councillor. We were all sad to leave at the end of the week and are looking forward to hosting the French students when they arrive in March. (Mrs Jouahri) 

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