Design and Technology Exhibition 13-15 July 2010

Regular visitors to our annual Design and Technology Exhibition will have noticed a change this year; the coursework folders have moved over to e-portfolios. This meant that the gym was full of computers - all scrolling through a myriad of design sheets from various students across GCSE, AS and A2 Product Design, Graphics and Food Technology.

However, the practical work was still present in all its diversity. This range was exemplified when visitors were greeted at the door by a Performance Dress by Jess Carver designed for professional singer Joy Thacker (Yr13); a Nature Garden for balconies made from recycled materials by Hannah Wilson; an architectural concept model of a football stadium by Aaron Pedliham; a concept model for a new Sports Rally Car by Isaak Mustifa and a display stand containing a range of ceramic products by Rebecca Hardingham.

The diversity continued throughout the rest of the exhibition with a wide variety of products meeting a range of design situations. The Graphics included numerous displays showing architectural designs for a new condominium complex in Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic plus a new Visitors Centre for Salisbury based on a sustainable tree house design at Beaulieu in The New Forest.

The open evening was well attended including the recently retired County Adviser for Design and Technology Vince Marriott.  Mr Marriott commented that it is not just the quality of work that he admires when visiting South Wilts, but also the thoughtful and imaginative analysis of the idea development that is always so clearly evident.

Mr Crouch. Head of Design Technology.

Photos of the exhibition can be seen here.

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