The Greece trip 2010

If you'd asked me back in Year 11 why I wanted to take Classical Civilisation, part of my answer truly would have been 'Oh, and the Greece Trip of course!'

Now for those of you who think we spent all the week doing our own thing, occasionally doing something related to the course, you couldn't be more wrong. It took us a while to realise, but it was definitely NOT a holiday. Over the course of a week, we did so much walking, that it hurts to even THINK the word 'hill' any more. A typical day went as follows: breakfast and possibly packing; walk or get a coach to the day's archaeological site; walk around said site, whilst being quizzed about the different historical and architectural elements; walk to the museum; walk back/get the coach back to the hotel; have supper; go out for the evening; get back to the hotel, possibly do last minute packing, and fall asleep exhausted, but happy. The thing is, the days were ANYTHING but typical.

Day two saw us walking up what was probably the biggest hill in Athens. Even though everyone
complained we all managed to wheeze our way up there, the views were INCREDIBLE. (see photo) The Chapel we'd come to view was pretty swish too, but every single religious building that we witnessed seemed to involve a pilgrimage of some kind (from the boat you'd need to get to the church on the island near Tolon, to climbing equipment you'd have to use to reach the chapel on top of a sheer rock face).

Delphi was our next stopping point and it was very beautiful. All greenery and mountainous and apparently a ski-town, even though we weren't convinced that many of the mountains were THAT high!  We took an early wake-up call and visited Delphi site before heading off to Tolon. Tolon was a constant test to our rule-abiding skills. Not allowed to go in the luxurious pool, nor the sea, and with curfews extended we made the most of the tourist town and took long walks on the beach watching the sunset.  The sites we visited during the whole trip were just mind-blowing, the architecture was stunning and the stories that went with them equally so.

Mr Wood tried his hardest to be the 'biggest swot on tour' as Mr Owen quizzed us Year 13s on our revision in a practical setting, and explained to the Year 12s what everything was. The group activities such as the games at Olympia (with winners getting handcrafted daisy laurels courtesy of Miss Behan), and performances at the theatre at Epidauros made everyone laugh and served to make the Greece trip 2010 unforgettable in everyone's eyes. And who knows... maybe if we'd stayed three days more, we'd still be there!

(Charlotte Mortimer-Talman 6MYB)

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