Albert Einstein Lecture

On Wednesday 3rd February, SWGS hosted a special evening bringing together Physics and Music. The first part of the evening was a lecture by Professor Brian Foster OBE of Oxford University exploring the life of Albert Einstein and his work on particle physics. It was brought right up to date with details of the developments in this field since Einstein's death and the progress achieved so far at CERN, Switzerland. Scientists are using the massive hadron collider to smash sub atomic particles at incredible speeds together to try and discover what is at the heart of matter.

The lecture was punctuated by the music that inspired Einstein, who loved chamber music and especially the violin. This was played by Jack Liebeck, a professional violinist who has played around the world as well as performing on BBC Radio 3 and 4.

The second part of the evening was a musical recital where Jack was joined by pianist Katya Apekisheva. Katya has won many prestigious awards including the London Philharmonic Orchestra Soloist of the year and the Terence Judd award. Her recent CD release was chosen by classic FM as CD of the week. We were treated to a wonderful concert with pieces by Mozart, Beethoven and Bloch.

We made full use of Brian and Jack during the school day as well. Jack led a master class for some of our very talented violinists and they also delivered another lecture to year 12 students as part of their General Studies course.

The event was part of our specialist school status in Science, maths and computing and the evening combined the essence of these subjects very well. We hope to be able to offer these types of evening again in the future. Suggestions for future events would be welcome. (Mr Jones)


Created: Thursday, February 11, 2010 | School News Page

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