Collaborative working with local primary schools

Our Science half-day projects for local primary schools have continued this term with eight schools enabling their Year 5 and 6 pupils to experience one of the three sessions offered. ‘Murder at South Wilts' is chemistry-based where a variety of lab based tests are used to deduce the identity of a murderer. ‘Rockets' is physics-based and looks at rockets and forces involved in launching a rocket, with part of the session spent by pupils making and launching their own personal water rockets. ‘The amazing human body' (biology) looks at the major organ structures inside the human body, the location of the organs and their basic roles and includes heart, lung and eye dissection (from pigs).

Feedback has been very positive: Ms Andrews at Dinton Primary said it 'gave the children a valuable insight into science at secondary school and what it involves, and access to science equipment primary schools are unable to provide....a fantastic afternoon'. The pupils of Downton appreciated being in a real science laboratory and watching potentially dangerous reactions and experiments in a controlled and safe environment. Another school considered that the children's science vocabulary had greatly improved! We plan to continue this initiative into the summer. (Mr Jones)

Created: Thursday, February 11, 2010 | School News Page

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