Timetables, Exam Instructions and other Information

This page provides public access to exam timetables, instructions for the subjects and exam boards for which SWGS students are entered and information about results days. For access to forms, online tools and other more detailed exam information, students should go to the VLE and select “Exams” under the Subjects Dashboard. Parents can also access this information via the Parental Portal, selecting “Exams” under the Subjects Dashboard.


Internal Exams Timetable

Year 11 Mock Exam Timetable and Instructions

Download Year 11 mock Timetable

6th Form Mock Exam Timetables

Download 6th Form mock Timetable

Summer 2017 Exams
Final A Level timetable Download Timetable
Final AS timetable Download Timetable
Final Year 11 GCSE timetable Download Timetable
What are the instructions for exam days? Download Timetable
What specific equipment is needed for each exam? Not yet available
 Important notices from exam boards about social media, plagiarism and data protection  Download Notice

There is a South Wilts exams policy. If you would like to see it, please ask Mr Evans

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