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Staff List


Miss C Allen Head of PE
Miss E Allsopp Geography
Mrs H Angel Business Manager
Mrs H Argyle Maths
Miss E Aydemir Science
Mr A Bakewell ICT/BS
Mrs V Baxter MFL
Mr D Bishop Director of Sixth Form
Mrs C Briton Psychology/Science
Mrs J Brown Science
Mrs S Byerley Science
Mrs M Chilcott Headteacher
Miss C Copley Maths
Mrs J Coundley English
Mr S Davies Head of English
Mrs C Drayton MFL 
Miss A Drysdale Head of Science
Mrs K Ennew Head of MFL
Mrs L Glover PE
Mrs S Hackett MFL
Mrs C Hall Art
Mrs J Hall Religious Studies
Mr N Harris BS/Computing
Mr M Harrison English
Mrs C Hess Head of Art
Mrs J Hole PE
Mrs S Imms Classics/English
Mrs M Jeffery MFL
Mr S Jones Assistant Head/Maths
Mrs D Kantzidis Head of Drama (Maternity)
Miss M Keane Geography
Miss K Kirby Head of Psychology
Mrs C Knight Art
Mrs R Lane Computing/PSHE
Miss E Lanham DT
Mr M Lawrence Science
Mrs J Layton English
Dr L Leyland Geology & Science
Mrs M MacTaggart Head of Year 13/Psychology
Mrs G Mahoney Head of Technology
Miss H Marsh Head of Year 12/PE
Ms D McGroary Food Technology
Mrs A McGuinness Assistant Head/Music
Mrs J Milkins English
Miss S Mitchell Science
Mrs K Munford Maths
Dr M Nolan History
Ms J Offner KS5 Maths
Mrs D Owen Head of KS4/RS
Mrs K Parker Head of Geography
Mrs C Penwarden Science
Miss K Philbrick English/PSHE
Mrs E Poppleton Head of Music
Mrs N Reeve History shadow SENCO/TA
Mrs J Reilly History
Mrs G Richardson English
Mr J Roberts Maths
Miss K Rogers MFL
Dr J Sadowski Science
Dr A Smith Deputy Head/Science
Mr R Southern Maths
Mrs C Stammers Deputy Head/History
Mrs A Stephens Head of History
Mrs H Timperley Head of KS3/Music
Ms N Tyson DT
Mrs S Vaughan MFL
Ms S Walmsley Head of Drama
Miss F Weir PE
Miss R Whittock English
Mrs A Wilkes Science
Dr T Wilkinson Science
Mr P Wood Maths


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