The training sessions take place every Tuesday evening, and participants need to attend one training session a month. These training sessions are from 7 – 9 p.m. and take place in the school theatre.

Gold participants attend one Tuesday session and Silver’s attend another. For Bronze, due to the number of participants, there are two available Bronze sessions, and participants would need to attend one of the two.


 Letters regarding Duke of Edinburgh

pdf SWGS Enrolment Form 2018 pdf Equipment Booking Form pdf Bronze Information 2017/18 pdf Bronze Medical/Consent Form 2018/19
pdf Silver Information 2017/18 pdf Silver Medical/Consent Form 2018/19 pdf Gold Information 2017/18 pdf Gold Medical/Consent Form 2018/19
pdf DofE Participants Guide pdf Suggested Kit List pdf Meeting Dates pdf Gold D of E at South Wilts Grammar School
pdf Activity Costs 2018 - 2019      


Where there are two day walks/assessed expeditions listed, you only need to attend one day walk and one assessment.

If you would like any further information, please contact Sandra Morris at

Duke of Edinburgh 2017/18 - Expedition/training weekends

Bronze Award

Date Expedition
Sunday 19th November 2017 Day Walk for Team 1
Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th November 2017 Planning weekend for half of the Bronze groups
Sunday 7th January 2018 Day walk for Team 2
Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th February 2018 Planning weekend for half of the Bronze groups
Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th March 2018 Practice Expedition 1
Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th April 2018 Practice Expedition 2 (students involved in German Exchange will need to attend this practice)
Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd June 2018 Assessed Expedition 1
Saturday 16th June – Sunday 17th June 2018 Assessed Expedition 2


All young people need to attend one of the day walks, one planning weekend, one successful practice and one assessed expedition

Silver Award

Date Expedition
 Friday p.m. 12th – 14th January 2018 Residential Planning weekend
Sunday 4th March 2018 Day Walk 1
Saturday a.m. 14th – Monday 16th April 2018 Practice Expedition (last weekend of Easter Holidays)
Leave 1 p.m. Friday 29th June – Monday 2nd July 2018 Assessed  expedition


Gold Award

Date Expedition
Friday 1 p.m. 8th – Sunday 10th December 2017 Planning weekend for all groups
Friday a.m. 23rd– Sunday 25th February 2018 Training weekend for all groups
Friday 1.30 p.m. 25th – Monday 28th May 2018 Practice Expedition
Thursday p.m.26th July – Wed p.m. 1st Aug 2018 Assessed expedition for all groups


Direct Silver and Gold Participants

If you are enrolling for Silver or Gold and have not completed the previous level with SWGS, you will be expected to attend two extra training weekends, at an additional cost.

Training weekend – Burbage Scout Hut

Arrive 7 p.m. Friday 28th September 2018 until Sunday p.m. 30th September 2018

Training Expedition – New Forest

Saturday a.m. 13th – Sunday p.m. 14th October 2018

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